Before clicking on the link below please read this because it might save you some typing. Despite the paragraph below I still keep receiving emails asking for help with cars that aren't running right. I build engines - I don't service, tune or get involved in any way with vehicle electrics, fuel injection or any other aspect of general maintenance. I used to try and answer every email but time no longer allows that. Apologies in advance but emails asking for general car advice or tuning advice where it's clear you don't actually want to buy anything will not get answered so please post them to the car newsgroups. I also do not have time to enter into detailed correspondence with people wanting further discussion about technical issues of the type covered on my site. I am happy to receive brief suggestions for further articles but whether they get written or not depends on my spare time.

A fair proportion of emails are from people who say they have just read the tuning article relevant to their engine and then ask for prices and power outputs for head work or something else similar like cam choice that is already covered in detail in the article! One of the reasons for putting so much information in the articles was to save having to type it all out dozens of times a month for everyone who emails so if you fall at this first simple hurdle your email isn't going to get answered - sorry.


Please note before you email that I'm only taking enquiries when so listed on the main page. I can't deal with emails at other times.

Email address - contact@pumaracing.co.uk

Please use an email title with the engine type or product/service you are enquiring about. Untitled or vaguely titled emails tend to get lost in amongst the reams of spam that invade my post box every day and are likely to get deleted. They are also much more difficult to find again later in amongst the thousands of documents in my email filing cabinet. Emails as enclosures are usually spam or contain something nasty so if your mail system does that rather than use straight html and there isn't a title which makes it obvious it's a genuine enquiry I won't open them. I try to deal with emails in my spare time in the evenings from Monday to Thursday. Emails received at a weekend or on a Friday probably won't get dealt with until the following Monday night. When I'm very busy or flooded with emails it may take longer to reply. Anything that starts "Hi Mate" or "pal" gets deleted before it gets read.

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