Puma Race Engines specialise in cylinder head flow development and race/road engine building and blueprinting. A range of properly designed big valves is currently being developed. Further details will be on the mainmenu page soon. We have achieved championship wins in many race series and some of the highlights are shown below.


Some of our race championship successes are as follows:

MGB - 4 new UK track records in 6 races for Phillip Conn's 1950cc engine we built in 1993.

Ford CVH - our engines have won the Fiesta XR2 Challenge for 3 years and set many new circuit records. We have also built successful engines for the Stock Hatch and Hot Hatch series and done cylinder head work for the XR2i championship.

VW Golf - our advanced flow developed cylinder head work led to engine power that enabled Paul Rose to win the Slick 50 championship in 1997, 1998 and 1999.

Ford Pinto - Our F2000 stock car engines enabled Graham Kelly to win the scottish Crimmond championship in 1998, 1999 and 2000.

Hillclimb - Andy Bougourd's Suzuki GSX1100 engined Mallock set numerous track records and FTDs in 2000, 2001 and 2002. We engineered the big valve cylinder head, overbored block and throttle body system for him leading to an increase in power from 120 bhp to approx 200 bhp. Nick Ferbrache's Chevy V8 engined car has set several new track records and FTD at the Brighton Speed Trials in 2000 after we reworked the cylinder heads.

Rally - We designed the injection system, big valves and ported head and specials cams for David Kynaston's 4wd Audi s3 2.8v6 rally car. I see it is doing rather well against 6R4s and the like at present.


Much of our work is with Ford CVH engines for Fiestas and Escorts. Under-rated by other tuners, this engine is capable of very high power outputs with good reliability. We have a 1700cc engine spec that runs 15 second 1/4 mile times at 98 mph in an XR2 in Aberdeen. Independently rated at 140 plus bhp this car beats 16 valve Golfs and turbo escorts regularly at the drag strip. Still only on a standard valve size cylinder head there is more power to come when the customer is ready.

Peugeot 205 GTi - the key to this engine is the cylinder head. Port shape is critical and we have spent many hours on the flow bench optimising port shapes for our big valve heads which give a solid 20 bhp plus with no other mods. CCC magazine tested a road car with our throttle body system and ported head/cams at 170 bhp last year.

Golf GTi - after all the development time we have spent on the Slick 50 engines, getting good power from road engines in either 16 valve or 8 valve form is not a problem. Head work is again the key. For more details see the individual engine tuning guides which will be uploaded as I get time to write them.


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