1) Cylinder head and induction system flow development for any engine.
2) Ported standard and big valve heads
3) Engine design and building for road and race. Normally aspirated and turbo/supercharged engines
4) Supply of standard and performance engine parts - gaskets, bearings, pistons, valves etc for any engine. I deal with most of the reputable names in engine part manufacture - AE, TRW, KS Winston, Payen, Glacier, Mahle, Goetze, Elring.
5) Supply of Catcams products - camshafts, vernier pulleys, valve springs etc.
6) Design and manufacture of special inlet and exhaust valves. Any quantity from a one off set of big valves to thousands. I welcome trade enquiries. Further details on this service and articles on valve materials and design will be posted to the site in due course.
7) Lightening and Balancing Flywheels. Most standard flywheels are substantially over engineered and have surplus metal which can be removed safely to reduce the weight and moment of inertia. The less inertia the engine has to accelerate the more is left over for accelerating the car. Material should be removed from the outside of the flywheel i.e. as far from the centre as possible. Weight removed from the centre has little effect on reducing the inertia and can weaken the flywheel. Doing it properly requires experience and engineering know how. The inertia of the average flywheel can be reduced by 25% to 30% which has a significant effect on the acceleration of the car. Average cost to lighten and rebalance is £80.

What I don't do

1) I have no facilities for working on cars so I don't fit or remove customer's engines or do suspension, brake work etc. I work on engines and heads that have already been removed and delivered to me. I can't comment on engine swaps or engine fitting.
2) I don't have a rolling road and don't get involved with installation, set up or calibration of engines.

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